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Published on 2023-08-29

Previously, when you conducted a scan for broken links on your website, the download of the results would yield a CSV file filled with raw data. We've made a key upgrade to this export functionality.

Instead of a CSV file, you will now receive an Excel file when you download the results of a broken link scan. The Excel file includes some built-in filtering options, as well as built-in hyperlinks.

Published on 2023-08-22

While Shopify offers a default feature that allows for specific URL redirects, our recent update introduces a more flexible approach: Wildcard or Pattern Redirects.

Instead of defining specific URLs, these pattern redirects allow you to set up a system where any URL that matches a given pattern will be redirected accordingly. For instance, creating a pattern redirect for "old page/" ensures that any URL under the "old page" directory (like "old page/A" or "old page/B") will be redirected to your defined destination, such as the homepage.

This feature can be particularly useful for managing product or collection URLs. If a specific product page no longer exists, you can set up a wildcard redirect to send visitors to a broader collection page or another relevant section.

Learn more about Wildcard Redirects on Shopify

Published on 2023-08-18

Previously in the Link Manager App, we tracked instances where visitors landed on 404 'page not found' pages under the term 'Visitor Errors'. To clarify the purpose and ensure better understanding, we've renamed 'Visitor Errors' to 'Broken Link Visits'.

This new terminology reflects instances when someone visits a broken link on your site. The change is reflected throughout the app and any associated email reports.

Published on 2023-06-19

We've improved our Link Manager's site scan tool. It will now better identify and report broken links on your Shopify site, even when multiple pages refer to the same broken link. You may notice minor changes in your reports compared to previous weeks due to these enhancements.

We are establishing a code freeze between November 21 and November 30. During this period we will only deploy critical fixes. The idea is to reduce the possibility of introducing bugs and unexpected system interactions that could cause the service to be compromised during the peak days of the holiday season.

After November 30 we will resume deploying changes as usual.

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