'Percentage of compare-at price' will display an error if compare-at price is blank or zero

12 June 2024

When you bulk edit a price or cost, you have the option to set the value to be a percentage of the compare-at price. Previously, if you tried to do this and there was no compare-at price set, the app would use the value of the price field instead. This was intended to make it easier to use but could lead to unexpected results.

Now, when you use the 'percentage of compare-at price' option on a variant where the compare-at price is blank or zero, the variant will not be edited, and you'll see an error message instead.

If you need to see a complete list of variants that had errors, you can use the Export Logs button on the edit detail page. Download the CSV file of all the edits and filter for errors.

Exposing these as errors should help uncover problems in your product's data and reduce the number of unexpected results with this edit type.

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