Metaobjects are now referenced by handle instead of GID

22 April 2024

Previously, when you exported metaobject reference metafields (ie, a metafield that points to one or more metaobjects), that metaobject would appear in your spreadsheet in the following form: gid://shopify/Metaobject/1234567890. This is known as the 'GID' format and is an ID that uniquely identifies the metaobject.

Now, instead of seeing the metaobject in the GID format you will see the metaobject's handle in your spreadsheet. This is a lower-case text in the format my-metaobject-handle. The GID is unique across all Shopify stores while the Metaobject handle is just unique all metaobject entries of the same type.

In addition to being easier to read, this will allow you to copy metaobject references from one store to another as the handles can be the same on both stores (but not the GIDs).

When running a spreadsheet edit, the app will accept metaobject references in either the GID or handle format.

Learn more about bulk editing metaobject references in Shopify.

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