WooCommerce product attributes now have a normalized metafield key when imported

1 December 2022

In WooCommerce products can have an arbitrary list of attributes, like Style: Holiday. We can import these to Shopify as metafields on request.

Previously the key for the metafield would be the exact name of the attribute in WooCommerce. For example, if the attribute was named Shipping Origin in WooCommerce, the key in Shopify would be the same.

We've changed this so that the key is now normalized: all characters are in lowercase and any spaces or special characters are replaced with a single underscore. To use the example above, the metafield key in Shopify would now be shipping_origin.

This was done so that you can create metafield definitions for these imported metafields. Shopify doesn't allow you to create metafield definitions if the key of the metafield contains spaces or other special characters.

Learn more about importing WooCommerce product attributes as metafields in Shopify

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